All our products are manufactured to the highest standard and in accordance with I S O 9001:2001. We only use 100% Food approved plastics and Stainless Steel components in the manufacturing process

Drip Tray

Hand Patty Former
We are manufacturing two standard sizes,
100 and 130 Patties. Produced from
Nylon and stainless steel components.

Pattie Machine
The patty machine is manufactured of fully food approved plastics and Stainless-Steel components. All parts which are directly in contact with meat are rounded and well finished off to prevent bacteria build up. Our Standard Model produces 100 patties with Approximate weight of 100 grams.

Different models are available on request.
        Adaptor Nut can be suited to fit your sausage filler

Steak and Schnitzel Champ Manual Version
No more loud and noisy hammering in the kitchen, restaurant or butchery.
The Steak and Schnitzel Champ quickly Tenderizes meat and keeps the juices Inside.

Steak and Schnitzel Champ Motorised Version
Motorized version with 380V motor and Inverter to work on 220V.



Blender / Mixer 90 kg
Different Models available.

Ham Press

Ham Press pneumatically operated

Parting Tools / Blade Holders
Parting Toll Block Holders - Manufactured at Trust Engineering.
Range of small and big tool block holders.
Small @ 26mm and the Big @ 32mm in length / size.
Kept readily available in stock awaiting your order

Yoghurt Valve & Stand

Formatic Drum

Lifting Collar

Gauge Glass Tap

Clutch Adjuster

Ink Injector Needles